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Welcome to the Granville Little Theatre,
and prepare to be entertained!


We are the largest community theatre in the region, offering a host of locally produced plays and musicals, a wide array of professional workshops, and opportunities to help and educate not only young, budding actors but disenfranchised groups who can be helped by the power of the stage.

Home of both classic and one-of-a-kind performances written and produced in-house, the Granville Little Theatre is a place for many to feel safe, learn, explore, express, and be energized.

comedy-157719_1280Theatre is one of the most intense and ancient arts one can choose to learn about and perform. It’s very powerful: It can help those with PTSD heal and adjust. It can help autistic children build social skills. It can help inmates and recently released prisoners reintroduce themselves to expression. It can affect teen morale; students of the arts more often succeed in other areas of study. The inherent empathy practice one must complete in theatre has also been used to successfully promote anti-bullying campaigns and raise awareness of the hurting of others. Through roleplaying and acting, we can learn to empathize with people and learn to see from new perspectives in a unique, personal way.

Our goals here are not only to please and entertain our greater community, but to build programs around some of these proven positive effects. We at the Granville Little Theatre believe that this art has an incredible capacity to do good in the world. That’s why we spend so much time educating, discussing, and exploring new ideas with people who are being introduced to theatre for the first time.

theater-432045_1920It takes a lot to keep a community theatre going every year, and without your support, we would not be able to not only provide so many performances but also offer workshops and scholarships.

Our wide breadth of programs has offered us a very rare opportunity to bring the expression of theatre to our wider community, but our success depends on your charitable contributions. It would be impossible to function without them. We are so grateful for our overwhelming contributions from our community; every dollar goes to good use! Thank you for allowing us to do good work.

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