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audience-828584_1920Since 1982, the Granville Little Theatre has been serving as a nonprofit organization to help budding actors grow in their ability to entertain and to heal the greater community through the arts. Now dedicated to exploring new ways that theatre can help heal societal wounds and bring people together in unique ways, our small group has grown a great deal. We now present local productions, musicals, workshops, retreats, campus visits, and scholarships. Organizing the more than 30 unique programs the theatre offers annually, our esteemed group of board members includes the following long-term directors.

Dr. Ellen Castleberry: Dr. Castleberry has studied the places where psychology and acting intersect, deeply exploring “the method” as well as other forms of acting and their relationships with empathy and social bonding. Working as a therapist for many years, Castleberry now hosts classes as the dean of her college but is lovingly referred to as “Doc Cast” here at the Little Theatre.

Kris Meyer: A classically trained actor in everything from Shakespeare to absurdist comedy, Mr. Meyer worked as an off-Broadway director for 14 years before moving back home. Now, he serves two different school districts as the head of community drama clubs and works primarily as a director at the Theatre, also having a hand in much of the casting.

Lakeisha Selmey: As a professional agent, Ms. Selmey worked in Hollywood for 30 years before “retiring” to the local community. But “retiring,” in her case, means working with young actors from all over and teaching them how master the pitch, conquer the audition, learn how to interview, and land roles like no one else. While she still has connections with some of the greatest acting colleges in the world, what she really brings to the Granville Little Theatre is the sense of wonder and appreciation for what theatre can really do, which she instills in her students.

Umar Davis: Mr. Davis is a Korean War veteran, a father of five, and a long supporter of the Granville Little Theatre. Working with the prop and lighting departments, he’s helped trained some of the best stagehands in the business.

Though we have a close-knit community, we do encourage involvement in several respects. Our casting calls are open to the public, and members of our local community are welcome to attend our monthly meetings. Get a schedule by emailing

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