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Mission & Volunteering

dance-511908_1920Granville Little Theatre is a 501(c) nonprofit organization created in 1982 to enrich the local community. In 1998, our mission statement changed to be more inclusive, as it became clear that the best way to serve the local community was through education.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Granville Little Theatre is three-fold:

  • To engage the larger community with the arts by inspiring, challenging, and entertaining using classical and experimental theatrical techniques
  • To educate and support the next generation of actors, stage professionals, and artists
  • To take an active role in supporting disengaged groups of the community by providing a safe space for discussion and self-expression

We will meet these goals by using the power of theatre to engage in artistic expression and promote the greater region and community.

What We Do

At a minimum, our organization will complete the following annually:

  • Produce five shows (including at least one musical), two of which use exclusively local cast and stage help
  • Offer 18 theater workshops, including at least five acting-focused workshops for disenfranchised groups and a minimum of eight non-acting-focused workshops for other artistic and technical skills relating to theatre
  • Coordinate three visits to locals schools and community centers to distribute knowledge of the psychological and health benefits of theatre
  • Offer and coordinate three separate scholarship programs focusing on different groups of candidates, with at least one focused on those planning on an acting career


Our Goals for This Year

aladdin-886588_1920More and more, it becomes clear to us that theatre has the power to change lives, to open eyes, and to bring people together in a way like nothing else. Last year, we brought theatrical practices to ex-prisoners, and the results blew everyone away, both the professional actors and those exploring theatre for the first time. This was our first foray into working with this very often ignored group, and next year, we hope to work with our local community to target prisoners and recent ex-prisoners again. In addition, last year, we provided safe space for urban teens, a learning opportunity for children ages five to ten, and a communal area to express for veterans and trauma survivors. For the past three years, our PTSD workshops have resulted in some amazing performances and life-changing experiences.

In addition to continuing with these important, effective programs, this year, we also want to focus specifically on high-school students. We plan to host our first-ever acting retreat, with a 12-hour “no phone zone” policy that promotes interpersonal interaction and the cultivation of communication skills. This will also be an anti-bullying retreat, encouraging others to talk about their experiences and talk about how to handle emotions productively, in a non-harmful way. At the end of the retreat, the students will preform a play that they’ve written, organized, and produced themselves.

If you are hoping to volunteer or to become involved with these or any of the programs of the Granville Little Theatre, whether your talents lie on the stage or behind the scenes, please email us We have a specific need for K-12 educators due to the programs we’re hoping to complete this year; contact us today.

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