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Shows and Auditions

ballet-545321_1920In 1982, our theatre company produced one show, which was a smash hit in the local community. For the next few years, we produced one musical annually. Last year, we produced eight shows, 20 workshops, eight public school visits, two presentations for local governments, and three scholarship programs. We certainly had a great year! Here are our top programs of the past year:


George Bernard Shaw

The original, classic play by George Bernard Shaw (which was famously remade into a musical known as My Fair Lady) was performed by a group of male and female veterans. This production was gender-flipped, swapping classic gender roles in the story to explore feminist ideas and the roles of men and women. Henrietta Higgins and Eli Doolittle blew us away!

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

William Shakespeare

Even critics were amazed that everyone involved in this timeless Shakespearean play was a teenager, from Puck to the lighting technicians. The handcrafted costumes that were shown in this performance were the result of our Colorful Costuming Workshop, which was, again, the result of teens’ handiwork.

The Importance of Being Earnest, A Trivial Comedy for Serious People

Oscar Wilde

Could you imagine mixing this English comedy with rap? We couldn’t, either, but the ex-prisoners who performed this masterwork were up there with the performers of Hamilton! Transforming this historically subtle play into an all-out riot, this night was a hilarious one to remember.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Lewis Carroll

Performed by five-to-ten-year-old students, this fun little play was an adventure both for kids and their parents!

The Impromptu Play

Our Audience

This is improv like you’ve never seen before. This is the third year of a much-loved performance: The Impromptu Play. Our most experienced actors are directed by the audience members (and heckled by their students) to complete the Inciting Incident, the Rising Action, the Climax, and the Resolution.

The Starling Flower

Sara Hun

A student-written play performed by our trained, experienced actors, this was the winning script of our Lines Without Borders competition and explored the coexistence with all versions of the self: the embarrassing childhood, confusing current state, and unimaginable future.

This Year’s Projects

people-430559_1920We don’t want to hint too heavily yet and give the game away, but we have some amazing programs scheduled for this year! Of our most exciting programs, one will involve our local prison, and the other will be our No Phone Zone Retreat, which will work to combat bullying. We do conduct auditions for plays, however; please send your information to if you’d like to be considered.

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