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performer-1209055_1280We at the Granville Little Theatre see the minor miracles that the stage itself performs daily, bringing disenfranchised and disassociated groups of people together to explore their own capabilities to feel and express empathy. It’s clear to us that theatre has a resounding impact on all of those who participate, whether that person is a nine-year-old autistic student, someone hoping to be able to express themselves despite past traumas, or a high-school student hoping to not be a bystander the next time they witness bullying. It changes people powerfully and positively, and yet many theatre groups across the U.S. face a conundrum: Their programs are underfunded and understaffed, and they have to constantly prove the effectiveness and worth of other programs. When school administrators are looking at cutting budgets, they’re concentrating on math scores, and theatre programs are usually the first programs to remove.

theatre-603076_1920But there is a great deal of value in the theatre, some of which has been studied a great deal. Instead of proving programs like those for veterans and prisoners to be ineffective, studies often prove that theatre programs are very effective time and time again. It’s an instance where the science backs the arts!

Numerous projects throughout the country have proven the theories behind may of our programs. Here are some of our top resources for proving the effectiveness of our programs:

What Theatre Can Do


Resources for Veterans


For Prisoners


For Children Against Bullying

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